Wilson Speeding Traffic Ticket Attorney

Instead of gritting your teeth in frustration and paying a traffic ticket, learn more about your legal options by connecting with an experienced Wilson speeding ticket attorney.

Swindell Law Firm is led by attorney Frank G. Swindell Jr., and we specialize in working with men and women that are facing a wide range of legal needs. This includes serving as a Wilson traffic ticket lawyer for those that have received a ticket.

While a single traffic ticket might seem innocent enough, North Carolina has a points system, which means that they can accumulate on your driver’s license and auto insurance policy over time. Enough points and you could find yourself heading to a driver’s improvement clinic, facing a suspended license or even seeing your insurance rates go through the proverbial roof.

With Swindell Law Firm as your speeding ticket attorney in Wilson NC, we’ll take the time to talk to you about the long-term effects of your ticket and what you can do in attempts to have it thrown out or minimized.

Our team has experience working with local traffic courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles. We leverage this extensive knowledge and experience as your traffic ticket lawyer in Wilson NC to help you reach the best possible outcome.

Traffic tickets are a criminal charge — face them head-on!

Just like with any other criminal charge, you are innocent until proven guilty. As your Wilson speeding ticket attorney, we will make sure that you received fair treatment under the law and that an honest mistake by an otherwise safe driver does not get blown out of proportion.

We’re a Wilson traffic ticket lawyer that works with men and women who are being charged with:

Before you pay off your ticket, talk to a seasoned Wilson speeding ticket attorney, who can help you understand your options. The team at Swindell Law Firm would be happy to provide you with a consultation.