New Bern Speeding Traffic Ticket Attorney

Are you looking for a New Bern speeding ticket attorney to help you fight a ticket? Are driving infractions piling up on your record and threatening your driving privileges and making your insurance premiums go sky-high?

The team at Swindell Law Firm wants to help. We serve as a New Bern traffic ticket lawyer that will help you exercise your legal rights. Many people forget that a traffic ticket is a criminal charge. When you decide to pay it, you’re admitting your guilt.

You have other options, though, and as your traffic ticket lawyer in New Bern NC, we want to help you explore those options.

Working to have your tickets dismissed or reduced

Traffic tickets accumulate on your driver’s license and your insurance policy in the form of points. Too many points and you could be facing consequences like a driver improvement clinic, a suspended license and much higher insurance rates.

As your speeding ticket attorney in New Bern NC, Frank G. Swindell Jr. and his team at Swindell Law Firm leverages every legal maneuver to minimize the impact of your traffic ticket, if not have it thrown out completely.

Just like with any other criminal charge, you are innocent until proven guilty. Law enforcement is obligated to follow the letter of the law and they must be fair when it comes to issuing your a traffic ticket. As your New Bern speeding ticket attorney, we’ll make sure that your legal rights are protected. If they have been infringed upon, we’ll hold the necessary parties accountable.

Before you pay a ticket, consult with our New Bern traffic ticket lawyer

From a seemingly innocent speeding ticket to a reckless driving charge, it’s important to understand how your charges will affect your life if you choose to plead guilty and pay your fine.

That’s where Swindell Law Firm stands as a resource. We have a New Bern speeding ticket attorney that is ready to talk to you about your situation and field any questions or concerns you might have. Reach out to us right now.