Lenoir County Speeding Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you are one of the many North Carolina residents that has received a traffic ticket of some sort, learn about your legal options by consulting with a Lenoir County speeding ticket attorney.

Many men and women figure that it’s simply easier to pay their fine rather than dedicate time to fighting their charge. These are the same people that don’t tend to realize that each ticket can put points on your record, which can lead to higher insurance rates and, in severe situations, a license suspension.

Traffic tickets are a form of criminal charge. It’s important that you work with a Lenoir County traffic ticket lawyer to learn how it might affect you and what you can do about it.

Swindell Law Firm is ready to serve as your speeding ticket attorney in Lenoir County

Led by Frank G. Swindell Jr., Swindell Law Firm specializes in a wide range of practice areas, including those instances where we serve as a traffic ticket lawyer in Lenoir County for clients that are faced with a ticket.

We have experience working with the local traffic courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles. We put forth this experience as we work to dismiss your ticket, or reduce its severity. By teaming with Swindell Law Firm as your Lenoir County speeding ticket attorney, you can expect:

Traffic tickets, and the points that result from them, stay on your record for three years. As your Lenoir County traffic ticket lawyer, we want to make sure that an innocent mistake behind the wheel doesn’t plague you with lingering consequences.

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