Kinston Speeding Traffic Ticket Attorney

Instead of grumbling about, and paying for, your traffic ticket, meet your charges head-on by connecting with the premier Kinston speeding ticket attorney.

Here at Swindell Law Firm, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively address your traffic offenses.

This can range from speeding tickets to drunk driving offenses and more. Even driving infractions that might seem relatively benign can come with serious consequences, like inflated insurance premiums or loss of a driver’s license. By working with a trusted Kinston traffic ticket lawyer, you can avoid these consequences.

Work with an aggressive traffic ticket lawyer in Kinston NC

At Swindell Law Firm, we work with clients that have been charged with wrongdoing behind the wheel of a vehicle. We provide a mastery over North Carolina traffic laws and experience working with the traffic courts and the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

As your choice Kinston traffic ticket lawyer, our goal is to minimize the negative effects of your charges. This might mean getting a traffic ticket wiped away completely or keeping you out of jail and avoiding a suspension of your license if you are facing more serious charges.

Frank G. Swindell Jr. and his support team work to provide you with focused, personal service. We take the time to learn the details of your case. We are responsive to your needs and personally invested in your ultimate success.

Facing a ticket? Connect with a trusted Kinston speeding ticket attorney

Just like any other legal situation, you have rights when facing a traffic ticket. As your speeding ticket attorney in Kinston NC, the Swindell Law Firm is ready to help you realize those rights and use them to your advantage.

Responsible, safe drivers can make mistakes. As a long-time Kinston speeding ticket attorney, we realize that. That’s why we’re ready to help you address the fallout of those mistakes so that you don’t suffer long-term consequences. Consult with our team and let’s talk about your situation.