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My law office handles a variety of legal matters with special emphasis in resolving automobile accidents, workers compensation and social security disability. Because of my training and experience, I am able to quickly and efficiently advise you on even the most complex legal issue. I have earned an excellent reputation over the last 18 years by providing only the finest legal services to a broad range of clients.

The Swindell Law Firm's Areas of Practice include but are not limited to:

On behalf of all of us at the Swindell Law Firm, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation on your automobile accidents, workers compensation or social security disability cases. When you do, you will find that we provide effective, professional, comprehensive and cost effective legal services. We welcome you to our firm.

Frank G. Swindell, Jr.
Attorney at Law

Lenoir County Traffic Violation Lawyer

Welcome to Swindell Law Firm, where we specialize in a wide range of legal cases, one area of expertise being our focus on serving as an effective, responsive Lenoir County traffic violation lawyer for those who have recently received a ticket.

Speeding tickets and other traffic infractions might seem like a mild slap on the wrist compared to charges that carry more heavy-handed punishments. However, with North Carolina’s points system, one or two traffic tickets can start to have a negative effect on your life, which is why working with a traffic violation lawyer in Lenoir County is often a worthy investment.

Exercise your legal rights when faced with a traffic ticket

Many men and women simply pay their traffic fines without a fight. When you do this, you’re effectively pleading guilty to your charges and you are accepting consequences at the same time. You have other options, though.

As your Lenoir County traffic violation lawyer, our team can work with the local traffic courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles to either get your ticket dismissed or reduced. Tickets will point to your license and they will affect your insurance. Points stay there for three years, as well.

By working with Swindell Law Firm as your traffic violation lawyer in Lenoir County, you can work to avoid an accumulation of points that could lead to:

Swindell Law Firm will defend your legal rights and make sure you are treated fairly under the law. Before you pay your traffic ticket, consult with our team and learn about your options.

We’re ready to serve as your property attorneys in Lenoir County

Real estate law is another area of expertise for Frank G. Swindell Jr. and the rest of the team here at Swindell Law.

When it comes to real estate transactions or various disputes, there is a lot on the line. Protect it by working with savvy Lenoir County property attorneys, like those here at Swindell Law Firm.

We work closely with everyone from individuals that are purchasing their first home to large corporations that need answers and insight into real estate transactions. Our team is also effective in dealing with real estate disputes, anything from easement disputes to commercial property appeals, foreclosures and more.

As your property attorneys in Lenoir County, we provide responsive service and extensive knowledge that is rooted in decades in the business. We want to see you win with real estate and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that you do.

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Whether you’re in need of a reliable Lenoir County traffic violation lawyer or have other legal needs, we invite you to start your search for representation with Swindell Law Firm. We’re ready to exceed your expectations.