Grifton Estate Administration Attorneys

When a loved one passes away, and you are left as executor of the estate, you don’t have to take on the probate process alone — we have Grifton estate administration attorneys that can serve as a trusted resource.

We are Swindell Law Firm, led by attorney Frank G. Swindell Jr. We know two things to be true — that losing a loved one can be incredibly difficult and that there is A LOT to consider when it comes to settling an estate. Our estate administration lawyers in Grifton NC don’t want you to take it on alone.

We specialize in estate planning and administration, working with a wide range of clients to ensure that a decedent's estate moves smoothly through probate and winds up with the appropriate beneficiary per the will.

It’s important that you work with estate administration attorneys in Grifton NC that are able to proactively avoid potential issues while also addressing those that do come up. When it comes to probating an estate, a variety of conflicts can slow the process down.

Your loved one’s wealth and legacy is in good hands with our Grifton estate administration lawyers

Swindell Law Firm provides the one-on-one, personal and responsive service that you deserve out of Grifton estate administration attorneys. We work diligently to protect the things that your loved one worked so hard to build.

Trying to take this process on yourself can be a bit daunting. Not only can it be tedious and time-consuming, but even committing honest mistakes could make you legally liable for the fallout. With professional, reliable estate administration lawyers in Grifton NC, you don’t have to worry about it.

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