Greenville Estate Administration Attorneys

Are you looking for trustworthy Greenville estate administration attorneys that will settle a loved one’s estate fairly and effectively? The individual that is tasked with administering an estate ensures that the process is carried out according to the deceased individual’s final wishes.

Here at Swindell Law Firm, we serve as estate administration lawyers in Greenville NC that can be trusted with this important work. As an estate goes through probate, it’s important that you have seasoned Greenville estate administration lawyers in your corner to “referee” the process.

Estate administration attorneys in Greenville NC are responsible for taking inventory of all of the deceased individual’s assets and collecting them, paying off creditors and then distributing the assets per the specifications of the estate.

Protect your loved one’s estate from probate

The probate process can eat away at your loved one’s money and assets if the process is inefficient or drags on for a long time. That’s why our team is here. We want to make sure that your loved one’s estate moves smoothly through probate so that assets can be passed along to loved ones rather than go to the state.

Our Greenville estate administration attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced and will act in your best interests. We know that this can be a difficult time for your family and that conflicts can also arise. Estate administration lawyers in Greenville NC are impartial parties in this process that are focused on making sure the last wishes of the deceased individual are carried out.

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